Wednesday, 30 October 2013


10 eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

Competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship who wear red trunks are no more likely to win than those wearing other-coloured trunks - contradicts past research suggesting a winning "red effect". (background story)

It Pays to Be Herr Kaiser: Germans With Noble-Sounding Surnames More Often Work as Managers Than as Employees

Fooled by the brain: Re-examining the influence of neuroimages (background story)

Detecting awareness after brain injury - new review paper (pdf)

People who defy stereotypes are liked more when described with adjectives (e.g. "sensitive man") rather than in terms of their behaviour (e.g. "the man cries").

Failure to replicate evidence for a genetic test for autism (news report on the finding from Ed Yong)

Examining the Possible Functions of Kissing in Romantic Relationships

"the first systematic survey of the magnitude of erotic sensations from various body parts"

A failure to replicate the finding that secrets leave us feeling physically encumbered (pdf). We covered the original finding on the Digest: Secrets leave us physically encumbered.

A successful replication of Robert Cialdini's hotel towel re-use study - i.e. the finding that hotel guests are more likely to reuse their towels if they're told about how many other people do so, rather than given the usual environmental message.
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.


AlasdairGF said...

Delighted that you're including 'failures to replicate' and successful replications in your round-up. Would that other media - including peer-reviewed journals! - were as conscientious. Highly commended...

LemmusLemmus said...


Unknown said...

Thanks both!

Em said...

Was that the same researcher who did the "You wasted less / more electricity than your neighbors" peer pressure study in 2008 or so?
I'm glad they made use of the towel reuse concept anyway, it's a helpful chapter in what would otherwise be pure greenwashing.

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