Friday, 2 December 2011


Our round-up of the latest psychology links from around the web:

How do successful people make good decisions? You can download the audio of Prof Landman's talk at the RSA.

Ten days left to watch Bobby Fischer: Genius and Madman on BBC iPlayer.

Claudia Hammond discussed the Derek Stapel fraud case and mentoring for anxiety sufferers on BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind (now on iPlayer). In related news, Claudia is the deserved winner of the BPS's 2012 Public Engagement Award.

Psychological symptoms among Shakespeare's characters - BBC report.

Cynicism is bad for business, says Alex Fradera on our Occupational Digest blog.

Our round-up of the psychology books of the year. The BPS has also just announced the shortlist for its annual Book Award.

Ed Yong reported on a charming study showing the apparent moral precocity of 8-month-old babies.

Jason Goldman investigates why we humans like torturing ourselves with spicy food.

Vaughan Bell discusses the manifold ways that people respond to bereavement in different cultures.

The December issue of The Psychologist magazine is online and includes an open-access article celebrating 25 years of the BPS Health Psychology Section.

The psychology of nakedness: seeing a person's flesh changes how we think about their mind, says Jonah Lehrer. He also has a new post on the cognitive benefits of chewing gum (check out the footnote in which the Digest gets a namecheck for its pedantry skills).

Jelte M. Wicherts writing in Nature calls for more data sharing in psychology. He says it could help prevent research fraud.

The December issue of the American Psychological Association's Observer magazine is online and includes a cover feature on links between language and music.

The mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik looks set to avoid a prison sentence because experts have diagnosed him with schizophrenia. "Who, What, Why: How do you assess a killer's mental health?" asks the BBC. There's also a new study out on lone-wolf terrorism.

Linda Geddes has a feature on anaesthesia and consciousness for the New Scientist.

The December issue of the American Psychological Association's Monitor on Psychology magazine is online, with a cover feature on the psychological benefits of exercise.

UK final year undergrads can win £5000 for writing about the future of Britain and the right-side of the brain. Deadline 12 Jan, 2012.

Daniel Kahneman took questions from readers of the Freakonomics blog.

Memories of inspirational psychologist and neuroscientist Jon Driver, who died earlier this week.

"Human Nature's Pathologist" - Carl Zimmer profiles Steve Pinker for the New York Times.

Greg Walton and Carol Dweck challenge Roy Baumeister's theory of willpower as a limited resource tied to blood sugar levels.

NPR podcast on the amenesiac who can still learn new music.

What we learn before we're born. TED talk from Annie Murphy Paul.

Feast will return in a fortnight.
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.

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