Friday, 3 June 2011


Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

The science of stepping off a kerb.

Women's telephone calls last longer than men's.

What's it like to live with parents who have OCD?

Appealing to a sense of common humanity among the victims of historical atrocities increases their forgiveness of perpetrators, but there's a downside - it reduces their collective action to overcome inequalities and other social and practical obstacles.

Insight into infantile amnesia - very young kids can recall early first memories that they subsequently forget.

Fun food names increase children’s consumption of novel healthy foods.

Financial forecasts during the crisis: Were experts more accurate than laypeople?

Physical touch in psychotherapy: Why are we not touching more?

‘Not a neutral event’: Clinical psychologists' experiences of gifts in therapeutic relationships.

What does a great meta-analysis look like?

You probably think this paper's about you. Narcissists' perceptions of their personality and reputation. (ht: @j0ns1m0ns).

Validation of Dunbar's number in Twitter conversations.

The Ghosts of Counseling Psychology: Is Counseling Research Really Dead?

Poorer children have smaller hippocampi.

Humor in Romantic Contexts: Do Men Participate and Women Evaluate?

A longitudinal study of people's regrets.

The neural correlates of human echo-location. (more on this from Ed Yong).

How social influence spoils the 'wisdom of crowd effect'. (more on this from Jonah Lehrer, here and here).

This post was compiled by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.

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