Friday, 8 April 2011

Win a signed copy of The Rough Guide to Psychology

This competition has closed. Thanks for all your entries. The correct answer was William James. The winners are James Hegarty in New Zealand and Libby Berry in Canada. 

The competition

Who is the famous psychologist from psychology's past pictured on the back of the book? Email your answer to christianjarrett [at], placing "Rough Guide Competition" in the subject line. Entries will be picked at random on Monday 18 April and the first two correct entrants will receive a free, signed copy of The Rough Guide to Psychology.

The book

The Rough Guide to Psychology takes you on a tour of the latest psychological science. Starting with you, your development, your memories, emotions and relationships, it broadens out to consider intelligence, personality, morality, politics, sport, crime, shopping, mental illness and much more. Lavishly illustrated, the accessible approach makes it suitable for beginners, while the coverage of cutting-edge studies and contemporary controversies will appeal to those already expert in the subject.

The reception

The eminent psychologist and Royal Society Fellow Professor Uta Frith called it "frighteningly up-to-date" and said it dealt with the subject with "due wonder" and also "healthy scepticism". Books Monthly said it was a "wonderful treatise" written "in a language anyone can understand". Human Givens magazine said it was a "readable romp" with new findings presented "simply and with humour". The Times said "Dr Jarrett delves inside our grey matter to explain what makes us who we are". Oliver Burkeman, author of a self-help column for The Guardian said: "Lonely Planet, the gauntlet is thrown!" Mo Costandi, author of the Neurophilosophy book said "it's produced beautifully". Claudia Hammond, presenter of BBC Radio Four's All in the Mind, said "you don't half cover a lot".

The author

Christian Jarrett edits the British Psychological Society's Research Digest and is staff writer on their house magazine The Psychologist. With a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and several writing awards under his belt, Jarrett has published in a host of magazines and newspapers including New Scientist, Psychologies, The Times, Wired, and BBC Focus. In 2008 he co-authored This Book Has Issues, Adventures in Popular Psychology. He also contributed to Mind Hacks and 30-Second Theories. He is editor and contributing author for 30-Second Psychology due later this year.

The Rough Guide to Psychology is available from Amazon and all good book stores.


Anonymous said...

But where do I find the back of the book?

Unknown said...

Have a look in a book shop, ask to see someone else's copy, or have a guess.

Karen Pine said...

I think a really good idea would be to buy the book ;) I've just ordered it from Amazon.

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