Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Seven new deadly sins: 3) Narcissistic myopia

Tim Kasser at Knox College, Illinois, says Narcissistic Myopia is the tendency to be short-sighted and self-centred, ‘taking whatever one wants now and forgetting that future generations of humans rely on the current generation to leave them a habitable world’.

This post is part of the Research Digest's Sin Week. Each day for Seven days we'll be posting a confession, a new sin and a way to be good. The festivities coincide with the publication of a feature-length article on the psychology behind the Seven Deadly Sins in this month's Psychologist magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Modern psychology gives Narcissism a bad name. Narcissus was actually a very intelligent Greek god who preferred to die of thirst admiring his own reflection in a pool of water rather than marry a foolish Nymph who had no thought of her own to speak. So why slander Narcissus by naming personality disorders after him?

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