Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

The newborn infant: a missing stage in developmental psychology.

I can't believe this isn't wood! An investigation in the perception of naturalness.

Chemical signal in women's tears puts men off sex.

Meta-analyses of brain areas needed for numbers and calculations.

The role of passion in musical achievement - you need to make sure you have the harmonious variety rather than the obsessive kind.

A critical look at the research on psychological debriefing after stressful incidents. Past research suggests it can be harmful but this paper is sceptical. 'We call for reviewers to recognize the limitations of debriefing research and not to overgeneralize their conclusions.'

The disease of the moon: The linguistic and pathological evolution of the English term “Lunatic”

What do we infer about people from the style of their email messages?

Oops! If-then implementation plans with a negating style (e.g. If I am sad, then I won't eat chocolate) can back-fire increasing the to-be-avoided habit.

Exposure to the Confederate flag could have put people off voting for Obama.

Sex differences in dark side traits.

How much do US clinical psychologists know about online research resources?

Reward, dopamine and the control of food intake: implications for obesity.

Speech errors of amnesic H.M.: Unlike everyday slips-of-the-tongue - possibly one of the last studies H.M. took part in.

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Rob Keery said...

'The disease of the moon: The linguistic and pathological evolution of the English term “Lunatic”'...

...is now free-to-read in full online, for the next few weeks.

Click here to go straight through.

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