Thursday, 6 January 2011


Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

Thermal imaging as a lie detection tool at airports.

'In comparison to their younger counterparts, older adults generally reported and expressed greater sympathy while observing the target persons' - age changes in three facets of empathy.

Participants were able to identify whether a stranger was a Mormon or not, merely based on their facial appearance (and controlling for the presence or absence of facial hair). [open access]

Why do we yawn?

Fact and fiction in the use of cognitive testing in staff recruitment.

Placebos are effective even when patients are told that it's a placebo (at least, for patients with IBS). [open access]

Cortical hubs in the infant brain.

How physical posture affects our feelings of power and our thinking style.

People with larger amygdalae (a temporal lobe structure involved in emotional learning) tend to have larger social networks. [open access]

People high in 'trait positivity' more often rejected unfair offers in an economic game, perhaps because they have a stronger sense of self-worth. [open access]

Rat study shows that stress can re-activate memories that are unrelated to the stressful experience. [open access]

How to deceive your research participants ethically - a guide for researchers.

The woman who experiences no fear.

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