Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the world's journals so you don't have to:

Developmental cascades - Part I and Part II (Development and Psychopathology). From the editorial: 'Given effects that spread over time for some kinds of psychopathology, well-timed and targeted interventions could interrupt negative or promote positive cascades; these efforts may work by counteracting negative cascades, by targeting the reduction of problems in domains that often cascade to cause other problems, or by targeting improvements in competence in domains that increase the probability of better function in other domains.'

Performance Psychology: Theory and Application in Industry, Sports, Human Services, and Behavioral Healthcare (Behaviour Modification).

Genetics, Personalized Medicine, and Behavioral Intervention—Can This Combination Improve Patient Care? (Perspectives on Psychological Science).

The Contributions of Robert Zajonc (Emotion Review). Among many other things, social psychologist Zajonc, who died in 2008, was known for a series of influential experiments on the mere exposure effect.

Identifying effective classwide interventions to promote positive outcomes for all students (Psychology in the Schools).

Sleep disturbances (Journal of Clinical Psychology).

Neurogenetics (Neuron) - free to access until Nov 17.

Language and birdsong (Brain and Language).

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