Thursday, 24 June 2010


Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

People think their hands are shorter and fatter than they really are.

People don't Tweet to combat social exclusion but rather to counter existential angst [pdf] via @vaughanbell

The backgrounds and characteristics of arsonists.

'These results provide, to our knowledge, the first direct evidence that both men and women can accurately assess men's physical strength from the voice'. Quite how remains unknown. According to New Scientist - estimates of strength weren't linked to timbre or pitch of voice.

More evidence that repeated checking, as exhibited by people with obsessive compulsive disorder, backfires, leading to less confidence in one's memory (but same does not apply for attention or perception). Also see earlier.

Recall of worst moments of ordeal by patients with PTSD are characterized by 'more unfinished thoughts, more use of the present tense and lower levels of cognitive processing.'

Consistency in personality from toddlerhood to middle childhood.

No surprises here: high scorers on neuroticism are more likely to grind their teeth (which is called bruxism, by the way).

The reaction of elite lacrosse players to losing.

Musicians display superior auditory working memory performance, probably because of enhanced cognitive control.

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Anonymous said...

Scientific study of the brain, scans of its activity, measuring its size, it's processes and so on etc will never reveal the true nature of the 'mind' or who we really are. It is another example of human endeavour stuck in object consciousness, seduced by form, our awareness obscured by temporal manifestation rather than transparent perception.

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