Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How would you like the Digest to develop? Please take part in our poll:

This poll is now closed. 

Your answers will help us to develop the Research Digest - thanks for taking the time to take part :-)

If there's any other feedback you'd like to give us about the Research Digest and its future please use the comments function on this post.

PS: the question mark should appear as a pound sign in the item about premium content.


Unknown said...

I'd appreciate a Twitter version: a short summary of each piece of research, with a link to click.

Generally, the Digest is excellent, and I'd change very little.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Flash poll doesn't work in a Seamonkey browser and doesn't even appear in an Opera browser (both Linux).

Resli Costabell said...

Thank you for a fascinating research digest, which I often forward to colleagues. I love incorporating the latest research into my work.

My one quibble is that I'd appreciate better graphic design. As it is, I can find the digest physically difficult to read. (And I'm not someone who normally notices or cares about design!)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the digest and find it really useful. Just tried to vote in the poll but it doesn't seem to work after the third item!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the digest for years. i can't get the poll to work at all.

Anonymous said...

I love the digest - just short enough for me to keep up to date on areas of psychology away from my own interest that I wouldn't otherwise pay any attention to and would normally therefore miss.
But would appreciate html format.

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