Thursday, 7 May 2009


Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

The simple act of stepping backwards seems to boost people's cognitive control, as measured by the Stroop test. More evidence for the embodiment of cognition.

The objectification of women - as happened with Sarah Palin during last year's American Presidential Election - leads them to be judged as less competent and less human.

The psychological profile of vicious dog owners. You might want to avoid inviting them round for tea.

"We argue that praying to God is an intersubjective experience comparable to ‘normal’ interpersonal interaction". Brain imaging evidence that religious folk really do believe they're talking to someone when they pray.

Perception of biological motion may be altered in young children with autism. Deficit could play a role in later socio-emotional problems.

Does bribing people to live more healthily actually work?

More evidence for the effectiveness of dialectical behavioural therapy in helping people with borderline personality disorder.

Assessing the personality profile of professional comedians. They're not all neurotic extraverts, apparently.

We make the mistake of thinking that a person will be more likely to remember important information when that information's importance was only realised at a later date. Researchers dub this the Scooter Libby Effect.

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