Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the web for the latest psychology journal special issues so you don't have to:

Model Comparison (Cognitive Science).

Before the N400: Early Latency Language ERPs (Biological Psychology).

Psychotherapy with Religious and Spiritual Clients (Journal of Clinical Psychology).

The Rhythmic Brain (Cortex). From the editorial: "Considering its primacy in musical behaviour, rhythm has not yet received the scientific attention it deserves. Perhaps due to the rich harmonic complexity of our Western tonal system, the focus of much music psychology and music neuroscience research has tended towards the hierarchical structures of pitch, melody, tonality and harmony. However, if we consider the diversity of musical languages across society, across cultures and across history, rhythm soon comes to the forefront as a ubiquitous component of human behaviour. Many cultures emphasize rhythm, with melody playing a less significant role. In addition, many music therapists and educators emphasize the role of rhythm in their work."

The Alcohol Industry and Alcohol Policy (Addiction).

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