Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Psychology-related radio clips, podcasts, magazine features and more, for when you've had enough of journal articles:

ABC Radio's All in the Mind series has continued with programmes on panic, blindness and the brain, and the neurobiology of suicide (links are to MP3 audio files).

Mind Hacks has a reductionist analysis of the cognitive dissonance research recently featured by the Digest.

Edge magazine's question for 2008 is "What have you changed your mind about? Why?" Several psychologists are among the respondents, including Daniel Kahneman, Geoffrey Miller, Simon Baron-Cohen, Susan Blackmore, Daniel Goleman, David Buss, Gerd Gigerenzer, Steve Pinker, Jon Haidt, Dan Gilbert, Marc Hauser and Martin Seligman.

BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind has continued with a programme on the British psychoanalytic movement, plus discussion of suicide bombers and chocolate cravings.

Bookslut has an interview with Christopher Lane, author of "Shyness: How normal behaviour became a sickness".

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