Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Special Issue Spotter

Linking Parents and Family to Adolescent Peer Relations: Ethnic and Cultural Considerations. (New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development). The editorial says: "This work heralds a new era in research on connections between adolescents’ peer and family worlds."

Activation in functional imaging. (Brain and Language; click link then see left-hand menu to locate special issue). Does a big blob of colour on a brain scan signify functional significance? The editorial says: "In this special issue on activation, a number of problems with this concept will be discussed as they relate to the problem of establishing brain–behavior relationships."

Refining our Understanding of Traumatic Growth in the Face of Terrorism: Moving from Meaning Cognitions to Doing what is Meaningful. (Applied Psychology). Can experiencing trauma actually have beneficial consequences? If so, under what circumstances? A lead paper followed by commentary.

Personal networks (Social Networks). Who do we know and how well do we know them?

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