Friday, 13 February 2015

Episode 1: Dating & Attraction

This is Episode One of PsychCrunch, the new podcast from the British Psychological Society's Research Digest. In this episode we speak to researchers in the field of personal attraction to see if their findings can provide real-life tips for people on a romantic date.

Our guests, in order of appearance, are Adam Pazda (University of Rochester), Coren Apicella (University of Pennsylvania) and Sally Farley (University of Baltimore).

The topics discussed by our guests have been covered previously on the Research Digest blog, including: the psychological effects of the colour red, the effects of voice pitch (the specific study covered by Dr Apicella is here), and the effects of mimicry (see also).

This episode was released to coincide with Valentine's Day 2015. For more Valentine's-themed psychology, check out these posts from the Research Digest archive, and there's also much more from The Psychologist magazine.

Episode credits: Presenter/editor Christian Jarrett. Producer Lorna Stewart. Vox-pops Ella Rhodes. Music and mixing Catherine Loveday and Jeff Knowler. Art work Tim Grimshaw.

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Research Digest said...

This is our pilot episode - we'd love to hear your feedback! Any comments and suggestions will help us with our work on episode 2. Thank you!

Research Digest said...

Cool podcast-the use of voxpop is fun and the interviews are snappy.

The elephant in the room with this topic is whether people feel comfortable about deliberately employing psychological techniques (empirical psychology as opposed to a personal "folk" psychology) to try and woo others, particularly given stuff like "The Game", pick-up artists and how many people have reacted to it.

Research Digest said...

Best way to have friends is to be friendly. Don't try to date women, just go out to lunch with a lady. Have a beer. Play darts. Laugh. And maybe try alittle poetry.

Research Digest said...

Hi Christian - any chance of making the podcasts available through iTunes? Much easier to download and listen to on the go...

Research Digest said...

hi jeremy - we've submitted to iTunes, should be on there soon hopefully.

Research Digest said...

Hypothesis: The closer college students live to campus, the bettter their social life.

Is there any research you know of on this topic?


Research Digest said...

Just got round to listening to the first episode. A good length, punchy and informative; Just right as filler in my day. I've subscribed. I like the links to digest articles also.

Research Digest said...

This was really interesting and useful. I am interested in Sleep, Addictions, OCD and Cultural variations. I teach A level Psychology and I would be very interested in issues such as nature, nurture, reductionism etc

Research Digest said...

Wonderful podcast!! Can't wait for episode 2!!

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