Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Special Issue Spotter

We trawl the world's journals so you don't have to:

Mental Time Travel: Social Psychological Perspectives on a Fundamental Human Capacity (European Journal of Social Psychology).

Cyberbullying: Development, consequences, risk and protective factors (European Journal of Developmental Psychology).

College Students with ADHD Revisited (Journal of Attention Disorders).

Errorless Learning and Rehabilitation of Language and Memory Impairments (Neuropsychological Rehabilitation).

Implicit and explicit theory of mind (British Journal of Developmental Psychology).

Special section devoted to Seymour Sarason (Journal of Community Psychology).

Special section on the neural substrate of analogical reasoning and metaphor comprehension (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition).

Recent Advances in Stroke Recovery: Implications for Understanding Developmental Changes in Brain Plasticity and Possible Treatments for Amblyopia (Developmental Psychobiology).

Special section: Mathematical and cognitive predictors of the development of mathematics (British Journal of Educational Psychology).

Virtual Special Issue on Neuroimaging Gender Differences (NeuroImage).

Brain ageing article series (Nature Reviews Neuroscience).

Three Dimensional visual space: Phenomena, Theories, and Applications (Japanese Psychological Research).

 Post compiled by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.

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